Ship repair & maintenance

Having long-term experience, workshops equipped with modern machinery and above all highly skilled and professional workers, Technical Marine Service offered ship's repairs and conversions with high quality of performance.

Offshore products and services

Aluminium structures

Our specialisation is prefabrication and assembling of aluminium  structures for marine, offshore and land industries (hulls, wheel houses, platforms).
We carry out our activity in Poland and all over the world when it is necessary. Our orders are carried out in full accordance with class societies rules, international norms and environmental rules. We have qualified and experienced staff with necessary certificates according to requested world standards.
We are permanently improving our engineering and production possibilities following new technologies.

Diesel engine service

Some of our activities:

  • main and auxiliary engines overhauls and inspections
  • crankshaft replacements
  • full set of measurements (with certified tools)
  • complete cylinder heads overhauls
  • main and big end bearings jobs (shell replacement, inspection)
  • repairs of various types of air compressors
  • turbochargers overhaul
  • laser shaft alignment
  • bow thrusters repairs
  • cylinder liners honing (portable machine)
  • spare parts delivery

Marine electronics

Electrical servicemen travel world-wide to perform a range of services on board ships in international trade:

  • electric motors repairs and rewinding (bow thrusters, power generators)
  • thermovisual inspection
  • complete recondition of existing alarm systems
  • repair and preventive maintenance of Deck Crane Automation
  • troubleshooting, repair and preventive maintenance on most Alarm and Automation systems on board

Our advantages

  • 24/7 availability
  • experienced and fully equipped service teams

Surface cleaning and painting

Industrial painting NORSOK M 501: We perform an application of hydro-dynamic spraying in controlled weather conditions using the proper set of devices. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced with the certificates from Department of Electrochemistry Corrosion and Materials Engineering - Faculty of Chemistry Gdańsk University of Technology, meeting the requirements of the Frosio Inspector. All our products receive the painting passport.

Water Jet Technology: We apply WaterJet there, where the onerousnes of the dry methods fails.

Grit blasting: Grit blasting is a process by which abrasive particles are made to impinge on a component to clean or modify its surface properties. It is used to prepare surfaces before welding (removal of scale, rust or paint) and afterwards to improve the adhesion of coatings.